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Phoenix, Arizona - Outdoor Country Club Wedding

What Makes Us Different and What That Means for You

With all of the wedding planner/bridal consultant certifications on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Which one offers the best value, the best price, and the most experience so you can go get that fantastic job you've been dreaming about?

We will be all of those things! For years we've been providing the best service available to brides all over the country, ensuring that we can save them the most money and still find the best quality vendors available to provide for that amazing wedding day. Now we are opening our doors and going further to train and provide more wedding planners like this for the astounding numbers of couples getting married every year!

We have a number of important qualities that sets us above and beyond our competition every time.

  • All of our certifications are being prepared and provided by a Doctor in Education, with years of training on how best to teach, prepare curriculum and training, and even how to best motivate individuals to learn and go on to succeed in their efforts.

  • Our trainer also has 100s of weddings under her belt from owning her own Nationwide wedding planning business that she started from the ground up. Not only can she teach you how to be successful in the industry, but she knows first-hand how to make you a successful business owner.

  • We strive to provide you not only what every other certification on the market is providing, but to go even further and offer you insider tips, detailed explanations of of each wedding vendor you'll be working with and that they should be providing, but also how to identify those best to align with in the industry to provide best for your clients.

  • Where most certifications offer small blurbs or pieces at the end of each unit educating you on how to start your own business, we provide you an entire program that will walk you through the process from the very beginning. We provide templates, documents, contracts, advice on taxes and fees, and even how to avoid common hiccups along the way to success.

  • No other company provides a Master Wedding Planning certification. Where our Professional Wedding Planning certfication provides the foundation and meat for being successful in the industry, consider the Master Wedding Planning certification the frosting and the cherry on top, that will truly set you apart from your peers. In this incredible program, you will learn all of the money saving strategies that made "A Piece of Cake Wedding Design" as well-known and successful as it is, but tips that will give you knowledge and experience that normally take years to learn.

  • The training that was once only available to consultants working for the company, and provided the ability for the majority of our planners to go and and be successful in their own companies, is now available to all. You get to receive the training that we only shared with our own, and will therefore can gaurantee that you will be treated like professionals already in the business, given information you can use immediately. Many of our planners were making money before the training even finished.

At A Piece of Wedding Design, you will receive a training like no other, which will make you glad that you chose this program over all of the others! Please free free to contact us with any questions not already answered for you on our Q&A page, and we look forward to helping you acheive your goals for the future!

Be proud of yourself for taking this step towards personal success!

Our Company Commitment As Your Wedding School

We commit to providing individuals with the knowledge and experience they need to not only be confident successful professionals in the wedding industry, but to be a step above the rest.

Already being a well-known wedding planner in the industry, we can supply you with insider secrets that will put you ahead of others with similar certifications.
Looking for training in professional catering, cake decorating and design, floral design, and more? We have those too!

Our Master Wedding Planning Certification will teach you how to save the most money in every area while providing the quality that will make you successful.

Our New Business Startup Training is the perfect accompaniment to any of our certification programs, giving you the tools and the knowledge you need to get started on your own!
Enroll today by simply filling out our self-explanatory application and sending it in with your check to get started!